About Us

We look forward to make a positive impact in peoples lives with our constructions


To make people’s lives better through construction. We seek to be an environmentally responsible organization that watches out for the safety of its employees and respects its customers.


To provide high quality construction services for iconic private and public engineering and architectural projects that allow us to occupy a position of leadership in the Argentine and Uruguayan construction industries. Achieving efficiency through creativity.


  • Personal safety: Hacemos foco en el valor más importante de todos, la vida
  • Personal and professional growth: Favorecemos el desarrollo de nuestros colaboradores
  • Keeping our word: Es la base de nuestra reputación
  • Ethics and responsibility: Trabajamos con responsabilidad en todas nuestras acciones bajo altos estándares de calidad
  • Creatividad y valor agregado. Buscamos soluciones diferentes para nuestros clientes
  • Efficiency: Orientamos nuestro trabajo de acuerdo a la planificación prevista


Our company is fully committed to complying with all government anti-corruption and ethics regulations pertaining to our industry.
For this reason, we have implemented a strict Integrity Program which includes a board approved Code of Conduct and Manual of Good Business Practices, which are aligned with our organization’s objectives.
This program establishes an ethical framework for conduct in our organization that ensures employees behave in a manner that is compliant with regulations and in accordance with CRIBA’s corporate values.


Tenés a tu disposición el canal Resguarda, un medio independiente y anónimo para comunicar irregularidades.

Llamá al 000-4052-10128, escribí a denuncias.criba@resguarda.com o hace clic acá. Valoramos tu participación.


Santiago Tarasido
Presidente y CEO

Juan Pablo Tarasido

Alberto Tarasido