Type: Residential High-Rises

Commitent: Mesit S.A.

Project: Arq. Carlos Ott

Start Date: 2012

End Date: 2019

Surface: 26.400 m2



This magnificent project, located in the heart of Punta del Este, is known for its compelling circular design that provides breathtaking views in every direction. The tower which is made up of of 23 identical floors each with 8 carefully distributed apartments and two service basements which complete the building. Artower looms large over neighboring structures and is crowned by an upward tilted semi-circular array of pre-molded concrete pieces. The ground floor entrance features a sculpture park containing works by the Uruguayan sculptor Pablo Atchugarry. The foundation was built using large diameter piles and a cast wall perimeter. Artower’s reinforced concrete structure is relevant to the project because its circular cement slabs was finished with hollow wing-shaped elements that add character to the ensemble’s morphology.