Howard Johnson

Type: Hotels & Shopping Malls

Commitent: AVILER S.A.

Project: Herrera Lussich - Arquitectos

Start Date: 2014

End Date: Work in progress

Surface: 5.622m2


The traditional Montevideo Lake Inn underwent a makeover to become the new Howard Johnson hotel. Located on the beautiful shores of the Carrasco lakes just three minutes from the airport, this well known meeting point reopened its doors with twice the number of rooms and a wide variety of conference rooms. Out of respect for its architecture, the original structure was preserved and remodeled, maintaining its lake views and building in the opposite direction toward the front street. This allowed us to renovate the entrance without negatively affecting the garden side of the building where the pool and solarium are located. To protect the building’s original look, everything which could be reused was preserved and redistributed. By using dry construction and steel frames for the expansion, we were able to reduce the burden on the existing structure so as to avoid the need for reinforcement.The project centered around the painstaking restoration of the existing structure and the use of modern construction techniques to create a completely new hotel with modern installations, restaurant equipment, last generation elevators, a Scottish sauna and communication systems.